Change Your Posture, Change Your Life

How to Learn Elegant Posture in 5 Easy Steps

An elegant posture affects how people will perceive you, but most importantly, it will affect how your feel about yourself.   It’s a simple, yet powerful way to be more elegant.

Being elegant, poised and graceful is intentional; it is a work of art. Very few people are born with these qualities; for the rest of the world, we work at it!  Let’s be honest; elegance is something that we learn. It is a process, and it takes time and effort.  You must master the intricacies of movement to understand the true power of good posture and how it will manifest elegance gracefulness and feminine power.

Good posture is usually consistent with elegance, and is essential to your being poised and graceful. As a person who teaches (and studies) movement, posture is a quality that is very powerful to me because just by changing our posture, we change the way we breathe, the way we feel, our level of confidence, and the impression that we give to the world. Good posture can change who we are and transform us into who we want to become. Can you imagine? Just by correcting or manipulating your posture, you can transform into who you want to be!

Checkout the video below where I demonstrate how adjusting your posture changes the way you look. 

Note Dancers: The posture in Argentine Tango is an aspect that portrays confidence, elegance, lengthening. The last part of this video has a short demonstration on the follower’s back leg extension.


Here are the basics on how to keep an elegant posture in 5 easy steps:

Elongate your spine.  When I teach this concept, I use primarily visualization.  Imagine that you want to create extra space in between each disk of your spine.  Also, as you elongate your spine, bring your shoulders back… yes, we all know this, but how we accomplish this is essential in changing a habit that we create by living in a technological era.  Use your back muscles.  Often times when we think about good posture we open the chest, but we forget about activating your back muscles.  Remember that muscles work in pairs if one muscle contracts, there is another muscle that extends.

Work on the flexibility of your “Mighty Muscle”, the psoas. The psoas (and surrounding muscles) has a profound influence on alignment of the pelvis. Because of this, it has a great influence on posture. The imbalance of the psoas effects the lower back directly and immediately, either by pulling the lower back into lordosis, a deeper inward curve, or the opposite, by pulling the lower back flat. A correctly aligned psoas is key to good posture. You can find more information on this here:

Open your chest and breathe.  By activating your core and opening your chest, you will find you can make your breathe deeper.  You will actually be able to breathe from the diaphragm, utilizing your full lung capacity. Try breathing by opening your chest and feel you lung capacity, and then breathe while curving your back into a hunched back position and your immediately with feel the difference in your lung capacity.  Do it right now, and you will see how your breathing changes automatically.  Poor posture is often related to poor health.

Use your shoulder blades, and push them back towards each other and down towards your hips. This will make you be aware of your back muscles and how they contribute to maintaining an elegant posture. When I teach my classes and even in my videos I use mirrors to understand and visualize the adaptation of movement.  I would recommend that you try this by standing in front of a mirror to visualize the difference.  An image is with a thousand words, right?

Engage your core. The more you understand activation of the core, the more you will be able to protect your spine by manipulating your posture to move with grace, elegance, and confidence at all times and through all types of movement. You will be able to adapt how you engage your core in your walk, in your dancing, when working out, or playing sports.

Cultivating awareness in your postural habits is essential to achieve the traits of elegance, gracefulness and feminine power.  If you are serious about accomplishing this quality, you need to learn, understand, and practice the activation of your own muscles to correct and attain a powerful posture that will become part of who you are without your even thinking about it.

You will see that good posture has the power to change your perception of the world, your relationship with others, your own power of abundance, and change the energy of your life.  The transformation of posture (and elegance) is a journey that is always evolving.  And it is worth your understanding the power that you have: that just by correcting your posture, YOU can change YOUR life!

Good posture is usually consistent with elegance, and is essential to your being poised and graceful


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    Fantastic! Thank you. Be safe.

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      Thank you for sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay Safe too! 🤗


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